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How to use the Weed Rake by Jerry Trent:

Guidelines for those who are using a weed rake to control Curleyleaf pond weed: 

The manufacturer of the Aquatic Weedcutter suggests moving the cutter towards deeper water, letting the cutter bar fall to the bottom of the lake, and then pulling the cutter towards you in a series of strokes (kind of like raking). This should cut the Cutleyleaf Pondweed, which will float to the surface. Pick a calm day since you will need to stop from time to time to use a leaf rake, pitchfork or landing net to skim the weeds off the surface and throw them up on shore to dry and dispose of later.

We need to strongly emphasize the need for you to remove the cut weeds from the lake/river. This is a DNR regulation which the Cross Lake Association fully supports. We do not want your “mess” to float to someone else’s waterfront. Curleyleaf Pondweed has a lot of nutrients in it, and if it decays in the water during the summer, it will release those nutrients and encourage algae to grow. Curleyleaf Pondweed should be cut from mid-May to about the end of June.

In general we don’t encourage cutting after spring time because you will be cutting good native aquatic plants which are needed for fish habitat and oxygenation of the lake/river. 

During the summer it is common for aquatic plants to break free due to normal dieback or due to boat activity, and wave action. We encourage you to remove this vegetation from the lake/river also. Thanks for helping to make a difference in Lake quality. 


Invasive Aquatic Plant Management

Acquatic Invasive Species Survey and Spraying

Currently the DNR is managing Eurasian Watermilfoil and Curly-leaf Pondweed on Cross Lake.  Plant management is complex, and reductions in invasive plants often require long-term and resource-intensive efforts.  Spraying is critical to keeping invasives from spreading further into the lake.  To date, we have done a great job in controlling these from spreading further.

The Cross Lake / Snake River Association is required by law to obtain approval from landowners whose shoreline may be affected by invasive aquatic plants in areas within 150 feet adjacent to the shoreline.  By signing the form, you are giving approval to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to issue a permit to spray for the control of the invasive aquatic plants adjacent to your property.  Without your signature, the DNR is unable to issue a permit to pray to treat the affected area.  Please note this could affect not only your shoreline but also your neighbors.  

If you have not yet completed your “Consent to Spray” form,  please consider doing so as soon as possible.  The consent form can be download here and emailed to  You may also take a screen shot and send via text message at 612-209-6886.  

It is imperative we receive your consent form no than May 1.  Water temperatures are a driving force in the application process.  Once the permits are issued, the DNR will come to the lake and survey the areas that have given consent to spray and test for invasives.

Please take note that last year very little of either invasive was found.  This was a direct result of the snow packed ice and cold weather which kept them from growing.  As a result very few areas were sprayed last year.  However, if any of the two species are identified by your shoreline, the area will be sprayed 2 times during the year, FREE of charge. Applications typically occur in the early May and again in August.

It is important to mention that permits are only issued to the property owner.  If you have multiple owners we only need one signature.  Please feel free to email or call our Water Quality Chair, Mary with any questions.  

Thank you for joining us in our war against weeds!

Return your signed and dated consent form to:

Water Quality | c/o Mary Reuter 


Email at

Text message  a screen shot to:  612-209-6886

Mail to:

Cross Lake Association of Pine County Attn: Mary Reuter

P.O. Box 325 |  Pine City, MN 55063